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wave 1979

Review by All Music Guide
"The Patti Smith Group's most conventional album, Wave was given a bright pop/rock sound by producer Todd Rundgren. It was the last album Smith made before marrying and retiring from record-making for nine years, and it can be heard as a farewell to the music business, from "Frederick," the love song to her husband-to-be, Fred "Sonic" Smith, that leads it off, to the version of "So You Want to Be (A Rock 'n' Roll Star)," among the most bitter accounts of fame on record."

From New Yorker (2002-03-11)
"Smith moved to Detroit to live with the musician Fred (Sonic) Smith in the fall of 1978, and "Wave" can be read as a farewell to the band and her fans as she embarks on a new life, although the title track is explicitly addressed to Pope John Paul I, who had recently died after serving as Pope for only thirty-four days."

Track listing
Dancing Barefoot
So You Want To Be (A Rock 'N' Roll Star)
Citizen Ship
Seven Ways Of Going
Broken Flag

Fire Of Unknown Origin
11. 54321/Wave
(bonus tracks 1996)