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"simply, to love one another"

On September 17th 2001, I received this e-mail message from Patti Smith regarding the terrorist attacks in the US:

although many of us have lost friends, homes, and certainly all of us are as altered as the ny skyline, we are well and strong. my basic feeling about all of this is that it is more important than ever, for we as a people, to establish deeper communication with each other.

i think it is very important to understand that extremism does not represent the common man and we must be compassionate and intelligent in our reactions. it is especially important to reach out to people of the islamic faith, for they as a people, are not an enemy. we must try to understand their problems, their pain, and their faith.

on a practical level everyone should help each other and, if everything seems too complicated, there is the simple logic of the eleventh commandment - as issued by jesus christ. simply, to love one another.

with all good wishes
 patti smith



Patti Smith