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peace and noise 1997

Review by Rolling Stone
"This album – like "Gone Again," Patti Smith's 1996 memorial to her dear departed – is alive with ghosts: the patient spirits bearing silent witness in "Waiting Underground"; the young soldier who is incinerated in a copter crash and propelled to eternal peace by Smith and her stampeding band in the long, loud studio improvisation "Memento Mori"; the late Allen Ginsberg, whose "Footnote to Howl" is the lyric meat of "Spell."

From New Yorker (2002-03-11)
"The elegiac and political themes of Smith's later work dominate this album, which is dedicated to William Burroughs, who died just as it was completed."

Track listing
Waiting Underground
Whirl Away
Don't Say Nothing
Dead City
Blue Poles
Death Singing
Memento Mori
Last Call



Peace and Noise