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interview / intro

Like many music fans, I have a moment when I connected with Patti Smith and her music. It was the tour that followed the LP "Wave". Of course I had heard Patti's work before, and enjoyed the previous three albums, but "Wave" made me a lifelong fan, and motivated me to listen to Patti's earlier work and read her books over and over and over.

No sooner did I get hooked than Patti was gone from sight. Except for 1988's "Dream Of Life" (a fave!) Patti didn't share new music with the world until 1996's "Gone Again." Since then she has been back with a vengeance, and I have been lucky as a radio programmer and deejay to speak with her indepth about her work four different times since just before the release of "Gung Ho".

This interview was special in that Patti was coming to Austin, Texas simply to play an intimate club show. She was nearby in Houston for her art opening and picked up a gig in Austin. She had no new album to talk about (yet!), brought Tony Shanahan with her who had a CD of a concert board tape from Europe 2002 and we proudly aired "Frederick" and "Beneath The Southern Cross" from it, featuring one Jackson Smith. The conversation focused on her visual art, a topic I knew little about as a Patti Smith music fan.

Thank you Patti for helping us keep the faith in these uncertain times. All blessings and good wishes to you!

Jody Denberg
Austin, Texas
January 2004

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