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gung ho 2000

Review by Rolling Stone
"Patti Smith has never stopped being reckless. At a time when most songwriters can't see beyond their neighborhoods or above their belts, the fifty-three-year-old Smith still insists that rock is a gateway to revelation. She doesn't flinch from excess or outsize emotions; she makes known her desire, her fury, her exaltation, her grief."

From New Yorker (2002-03-11)
"Smith is drawn to heroic, stubborn, maligned, obsessed, populist figures, and here her touchstone is Ho Chi Minh, the subject of the title track: "He was not like any other / He was just like any other." Her voice has never been more expressive or exhibited greater range than on this album. The band provides anthemic support for her rhetorically hefty sound on the political songs, and on the sexy ones, when she is being seductive, the guitars and drums keep her dancing. "

Track listing
One Voice
Lo And Beholden
Boy Cried Wolf
Gone Pie
China Bird
Glitter In Their Eyes
Strange Messengers
Upright Come
New Party
Libbie's Song
Gung Ho



Gung Ho