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radio ethiopia 1976

From New Yorker (2002-03-11)
"Smith plays guitar, a Fender Duo-Sonic, on this album full of feedback and synthesized noise. In the title song, which is more than ten minutes long, she improvises about Brancusi and her guitar and Rimbaud's attempt to book himself on a freighter to Abyssinia (present-day Ethiopia) as he was dying. "I loved it," Smith says now, "but it was our most hated record for a while." And it includes some of the band's most popular songs: "Pissing in a River," "Ask the Angels," and "Ain't It Strange."

Track listing
Ask The Angels
Ain't It Strange
Pissing In A River
Pumping (My Heart)
Distant Fingers
Radio Ethiopia

(bonus track 1996)



Radio Ethiopia