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dream of life 1988

Review by Rolling Stone
"Dream of Life is Patti Smith's first record in some nine years, and the first fruit of her artistic collaboration with her husband, Fred "Sonic" Smith. Playing in the late Sixties with the MC5, Fred Smith crafted a resonating sonic architecture: a soaring Gothic cathedral of electric-guitar harmonics, constructed on a foundation of gut-level rock & roll throb, which could induce listeners to surrender as in some ancient tribal rite. Together the Smiths began recording Dream of Life after spending years in a kind of retreat, raising a family."

Track listing
People Have The Power
Up There Down There
Paths That Cross
Dream Of Life
Where Duty Calls
Going Under
Looking For You (I Was)
The Jackson Song

As The Night Goes By
Wild Leaves
(bonus tracks 1996)



Dream of Life